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Bosasa Youth Development Centres

Bosasa Youth Development Centres

The Bosasa Youth Development Centres (YDC) are unique facilities that have been designed to look after children between the ages of 14 and 17 who are in conflict with the law. They were established in 1995 in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Social Development when it was recognized that it was necessary to move young offenders quickly out of adult correctional facilities and into a safer environment.

These centres are the perfect marriage between the services we provide for clients and Bosasa's desire to give back to communities across South Africa. We are able to apply all of our world-class management systems to the centres and get these facilities operating efficiently. At the same time, we can provide for children who would otherwise be shunned by society and forced into a life of crime.

The Services Provided at Each Bosasa Youth Development Centre

As a leading company in facilities management, Bosasa has much to offer the rehabilitation of these young offenders, such as:

Full Facilities Management   Training Facilities
The core service we provide to any company is our full facilities management. We take care of all non-core services, some of which include catering, cleaning and security.

Our systems allow us to manage these in a cost-effective way by using the latest technology and highly skilled personnel. We apply all that we know about full facilities management to our child and youth development centres so that they run smoothly and efficiently.

This allows the centres to really focus on what's important: rehabilitating these children and helping them find their way back into their communities in a positive way, as well as in the world.

Another element we bring in from the Bosasa range of services is our training expertise.

We have developed first-rate techniques for teaching and creating courses that are specific to our clients' individual needs.

This has a two-fold affect on our youth development centres. Firstly, all of our personnel are properly trained in the systems and procedures we have in place at each facility. Secondly, we can provide the teenagers being rehabilitated at the centres with proper guidance, SETA-accredited schooling and potential job skills to brighten their futures.

 Secure Care    High Density Accommodation
Our technological advancements in the world of security and surveillance are truly outstanding.

At Bosasa, we are constantly researching and improving on current systems in order to make security and risk aversion at any building a simple task.

A Bosasa YDC is an incredibly secure facility, as our personnel are able to effectively keep an eye on all of the young offenders. This means we can keep them safe from each other, and hold them until they are ready to be released.
We provide full facilities management for a number of different clients, from mining hostels to large detention centres.

The challenges we have faced over the years range from keeping the facilities clean to catering for a large number of people and maintaining a secure environment.

All of the systems we have created for high density accommodation have been applied to our youth development centres to great effect.

More Info
Call the Bosasa reception desk on +27 (0)11 662 6000 or email for more information on the  Bosasa Youth Development Centres. Or visit the Bosasa Youth Development Centre website

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