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Kgwerano Fleet Services

Kgwerano Fleet Services

Kgwerano Financial Services was founded in 1999 and is a South African fleet management solutions company. It’s geared towards providing clients with peace of mind and the cost effective management of their corporate mobility needs. Kgwerano works for a variety of organisations, both private and public.


It’s a fundamental economic fact that transport is a key element to any business involved in the exchange of goods. Kgwerano fleet services help clients to manage this through creative and innovative strategies and our state-of-the-art facilities. We also hold fast to Bosasa’s sincere commitment to customer service and a resilient attitude towards any challenge.

In essence, fleet management is about analysing the client’s needs with regards to vehicles, distance and time spent travelling and the drivers. Kgwerano utilises world-class technology which is capable of turning high volumes of data into a workable plan of action that will streamline a client’s delivery processes to become as cost effective as possible.

The key services offered by Kgwerano also include:

  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance of Vehicles

We also provide personnel and driver management for their clients’ fleets. Included in this element is fuel management, the arrangement and payment of licensing and fines, as well as de-fleeting. All of this is powered by TrustMaster, which was developed by On IT 1, Bosasa’s own software development company.

A Kgwerano fleet will be made up of top-quality vehicles from some of the most highly sought after manufacturers. Kgwerano enjoys a close working relationship with all original equipment manufacturers.

More Info

Call the Bosasa reception desk on +27 (0)11 662 6000 or email for more information. Alternatively, click here for to visit the Kgwerano Fleet Website.

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