BOSASA Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

To deliver Service Excellence by harnessing synergies which empower BOSASA people to express their individuality and strengths in team environments.

Ultimately, contributing to the economic and social development of our nation.

Our Mission

BOSASA’s promise to honour the spirit of operational and service excellence is the drive behind our commitment to deliver quality Full Facilities Solutions. Our professional teams specialise in client-focused innovation, analytics and technology applications in high-risk environments.

We want to help build initiatives and see our country grow from strength to strength. We do this by offering our clients fully integrated security solutions that are tailored to their needs. Our “teams2think” engage in continuous research to adapt to advancements in various Europen and international industries.

Our Core Values

Our company values are the foundation of our vision and mission statements. They guide our interactions with one another and our valued clients. Our unique company culture is designed to encourage and empower individuals to be exceptional.

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